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Implant Restoration

Before / After Implant RestorationInterested in dental implants? They are the state of the art in tooth replacement. Implants offer the most natural look and feel of any restoration for replacing teeth that are missing. The implant is essentially the artificial “root” replacement that allows new teeth to be anchored that resemble natural teeth.

Symptoms List

  • Missing tooth or multiple teeth
  • Fractured, unrestorable tooth
  • Loose fitting dentures
  • Desire to have fixed restoration (teeth that do not come in and out)

Our Treatment

We work with surgeons in our area that place the titanium implant or root portion. After a healing period, we place the natural looking crown that restores the appearance and function of the tooth.

When more than one tooth is missing, multiple implants can be placed to support bridges that do not come in and out or to stabilize a denture. For people that have lost all of their natural teeth on an arch, implants can sometimes be placed to hold a type of restoration that is like a denture but is attached to implants and is not removed. This is call a “fixed hybrid” denture and can give a new lease on life to a denture wearer.

What's Next?

Implant dentistry involves a team approach with the dentist, the surgeon and you, to plan and design the right solution for you. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime and improve your comfort and confidence. A “comprehensive” examination is where we begin to see what options are available to you and what outcome goals you may have.