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Crown Services

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Dental health and personal appearance can be greatly impacted by tooth damage or loss. Restoring teeth can regain function and confidence, and bring back that natural, beautiful smile. State of the art materials allow both back teeth and front teeth to be restored to natural appearance and function that are long lasting.

Symptoms List

  • Large fillings that cover most of the tooth
  • Teeth with extensive decay
  • Teeth with cracks and crazelines
  • Severely worn teeth with enamel loss
  • Teeth that have had root canal therapy

Our Treatment

Teeth are prepared and a master impression is made for the laboratory to fabricate the crown. Often multiple teeth in an arch are prepared at one visit for efficiency and convenience to the patient. Excellent provisionals, or temporaries, are made for the patient to smile and function with as the crowns are made.

What's Next?

A thorough examination of the teeth, gums and bite, including photos and x-rays if needed. It is most important for us to make sure our patients are aware of the conditions in their own mouths so that they may achieve their goals with their dental health.