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Cosmetic Dentistry

Before / After Cosmetic DentistryInterested in teeth whitening or veneers? Let us show you what is possible for you so that you can have the smile you have always wanted!

Teeth Whitening to brighten your smile. Teeth change and discolor over time due to factors such as stain-causing beverages, smoking, trauma to the teeth and the aging process itself. This discoloration can add years to your appearance. Teeth can be safely whitened to return a more youthful, healthy look to your smile. At our office we provide dentist-supervised, at-home bleaching system. With impressions of your teeth we can fabricate whitening trays that are customized to fit your teeth. These trays can be worn at home to achieve whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Custom made teeth whitening trays reduce irritation to the gum tissues and the results typically last much longer than over-the-counter products.

Porcelain Veneers and Bonding to create the smile you want. In some cases, teeth whitening may not be enough because of the extent of damage or discoloration that has occurred. In these situations, you can still achieve the perfect smile that you have always wanted with bonding and porcelain veneers that can improve the shape, color, and alignment of your teeth.

Straighten Teeth to Improve your smile. We all like the appearance of straight teeth. Crowding and misaligned teeth can detract from our appearance and our polished image. We use Invisalign™, clear removable aligners, to improve the position of teeth and the overall bite. Straight teeth are more easily cleaned and so not only is the appearance improved but health as well.

Symptoms List

  • Unhappy with the appearance of your smile that may involve the one tooth or the entire appearance of the teeth
  • May include the color, contour or position of teeth
  • Self conscious of your smile while laughing or talking

Our Treatment

Together evaluate through use of photos and models of teeth what the desired result would look like. Then develop a scenario that delivers the smile you want!

What's Next?

Schedule an appointment to discuss your vision for your smile. Esthetic dentistry is the most enjoyable aspect of our practice!