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Q. How often should I get my teeth cleaned? (Clinical)

A. It is suggested that for a person in good oral health, a prophylaxis every 6 months is an ideal interval. However, together we will figure out what works out well for each individual and customize your schedule to keep you in excellent dental health.

Q. At what age do you start seeing patients? (Clinical)

A. We see children at age 3 for examination and cleanings making sure that the appointment is enjoyable for the child and the beginning of a positive attitude toward dental health.

Q. What happens during a comprehensive examination? (Clinical)

A. This is our favorite way to bring a new patient into our practice or revisit treatment options with a current patient. The doctor, along with the patient, examine the condition of the teeth, the periodontium (gum health and supporting structure), and facial muscles and joints. Any necessary x-rays to make a thorough diagnosis may be taken at this time along with photos so that the patient can see what we see. We discuss what aesthetic desires the patient may have for their smile and the level of oral health they would like to achieve. It's a great opportunity for us and the patient to get to know exactly where their level is right now and what may be possible!

Q. How does insurance work in our office and how much will they cover? (Financial)

A. We understand insurance benefits are important to many of our patients. We are committed to helping you receive the benefits you are entitled to. We are considered an out of network dentist which just means we are not in business with the insurance companies because we want to do what is best for our patients. The way it works in our office is that we have you pay for services at the time those services are rendered. We will do all the work and file your claims for you and whatever your benefits are would be reimbursed directly to you from your insurance company. We file most all claims electronically which helps speed up your reimbursement. Most of our patients have their benefit within two weeks! As far as coverage goes every insurance company is different and each company has many different policies. At your first visit, we will be able to look further into your plan and find out what it covers. We never begin treatment until we have helped you find out the answers you need.

Q. Do you offer any payment plan? (Financial)

A. We understand that dentistry that a patient may want does not always fit into their budget. We offer several options to spread out payments so that treatment is not delayed. Many patients take advantage of a health credit card (Citihealth) that offers a payment plan with no interest for you. We always discuss the fees before any treatment is started work with each individual for a comfortable solution.

Q. Are x-rays necessary? (Clinical)

A. We have to weigh the risk of dental radiation with the risk of missing active dental disease that is not detectable to the naked eye. Decay between the teeth is usually only caught on x-ray and many times the prognosis for a tooth cannot be determined without one. We use digital x-rays that reduce the amount of radiation with the highest resolution to allow a proper diagnosis for the patient.

Q. What separates this dental office from another? (Clinical)

A. Our commitment to service that is shared by all members of our team! We are continual learners and want to give our patients the best experience we possibly can!